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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Homer Greek, "promise". Made famous by the character from "The Simpsons". Male Redneck Names
Horace Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Houston From the English, "hill town". Male Redneck Names
Jackson English, "son of Jack". Male Redneck Names
Jed Beloved of God Male Redneck Names
Jefferson Old English, "son of Jeffrey". Male Redneck Names
Jerry Lee Jerry means sacred name and Lee means Meadow Male Podunk Names
Jessie Used for a boy. Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Jim Bob Shortened form of "James Robert". Jim means "He who replaces" and Bob means "bright fame". Male Podunk Names
Jimmy Don American origin. "Jimmy" from "James", and "Don" from the Celtic/Gaelic meaning "world leader". Male Redneck Names
Joe Bob Joe means God will increase and Bob means bright fame Male Podunk Names
John Boy John means gift from God Male Podunk Names
Junior Young Male Podunk Names
Lee Old English, Gaelic, for "glade" or "poet". Male Redneck Names
Lonnie Brutal Male Podunk Names
Luther Army people Male Redneck Names
Lynn Used for a Male - unknown American origin. Male Redneck Names
Micah From the Hewbrew, "who is like God". Male Redneck Names
Otis Son of Otto Male Redneck Names
Pervis Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Raleigh Old English for "dweller by the deer meadow". Male Redneck Names
Ray French, "kingly". Male Redneck Names
Ray-Nathan Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Rebel To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority. To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention Male Redneck Names
Ricky Unknown origin. Both Redneck Names

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