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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Clifton Town near a cliff Male Podunk Names
Clint Town near a hill Male Redneck Names
Clyde Welsh origin: "heard from afar". Male Redneck Names
Cody Celtic, Old English, origin, meaning "assistant, a cushion, possessions". Male Redneck Names
Cooper From the Latin for a "cask or barrel maker". Male Redneck Names
Cooter Unknown definition Male Podunk Names
Coy Forest Male Podunk Names
Dale One who lives in a Valley Both Redneck Names
Delmont Unknown definition Male Podunk Names
Doc Teacher or physician Male Podunk Names
Donny Mighty Male Redneck Names
Duane Variation of "Dwayne" - Old English, Celtic for "dark, from the dunes". Male Podunk Names
Duke Latin, "leader". Male Redneck Names
Dwayne Dark skinned Male Podunk Names
Earl Leader Male Redneck Names
Elrod Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Enos Man Male Podunk Names
Eustice Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Floyd Gray hair Male Podunk Names
Floyd-william Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Ford Old English, "river crossing". Male Redneck Names
Forrest English, "of the woods, forest". Male Redneck Names
Garth Gardener Male Redneck Names
George Farmer Male Redneck Names
Harley English, "spacious meadow". Male Redneck Names

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