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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Austin English origin, form "Augustin". Male Redneck Names
Bart Hewbrew, "son of Tolmai". Male Redneck Names
Beau Beautiful Male Podunk Names
Billy Usage - given, not nickname: German, from "William". Male Redneck Names
Billy Bob Billy means constant protector and Bob means bright fame Male Podunk Names
Billy Ray Billy means constant protector and Ray means counselor and protector Male Podunk Names
Bo Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Bobby Joe Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Bodean Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Bryar Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Bubba Unknown definition Male Podunk Names
Bucephelus Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Buck Male deer Male Redneck Names
Bud Old English, German, "herald, to puff up, friend". More likely, Bud ... as in Budweiser and Buck! Male Redneck Names
Buddy Friend Male Podunk Names
Carson Swedish, "son of Carr". Male Redneck Names
Casey Celtic, Gaelic for "brave, watchful". Male Redneck Names
Chandler From the French, "candle maker". Male Redneck Names
Charles Ray Charles means Man. Ray means Conselor and protector Male Redneck Names
Charlton English for "house where Charles lives". Male Redneck Names
Chester Latin for "camp". Male Redneck Names
Clarice Bright Male Redneck Names
Cleavon Cliff Male Podunk Names
Cleon Famous Male Podunk Names
Cletus American origin. Made famous by the character on "The Simpsons". Male Podunk Names

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