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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Sunrise Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Sunset Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Tabitha Gazelle Female Unknown
Tammie Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Tasha Hindu. Female Redneck Names
Tiberius Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Tierra Spanish, "earth, land". Female Redneck Names
Tiffany Old French, "appearance of God". Female Redneck Names
Tommy American origin, meaning "a twin". Male Redneck Names
Tommy Lee Tommy means Twin and Lee means Meadow Male Redneck Names
Trigger Officially a "trigger" is a device that activates or releases or causes something to happen - in this case probably "crap"... Male Redneck Names
Trista-Lynn Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Trixie American, "bringer of joy". Female Redneck Names
Trixiebelle Unknown origin, presumably just a combination of "Trixie" and "Belle". Female Redneck Names
Tyler Middle English, "tiler, roofer". Male Redneck Names
Vanity Unknown origin, presumably referring to the noun, "the quality or condition of being vain". Female Redneck Names
Vicki Lynn Vicki means victorious and Lynn means Pretty Female Podunk Names
Vienna Latin, "from the wine country". Female Redneck Names
Vinton Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Wade To cross a river Male Podunk Names
Wayne Old English, "wagon maker". Male Redneck Names
Waynelle Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Wilbur Brilliant Male Podunk Names
Willa Constant and protector Female Redneck Names
Wilma Constant and protector Female Podunk Names

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