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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Raleigh Old English for "dweller by the deer meadow". Male Redneck Names
Randa Lynn American origin. Randa (presumably) the female form of "Randal", and Lynn from the Anglo-Saxon meaning "a cascade". Female Redneck Names
Ray French, "kingly". Male Redneck Names
Ray-Nathan Unknown origin. Male Redneck Names
Raylene Unknown origin. Possibly female form of "Ray". Female Redneck Names
Rebel To refuse allegiance to and oppose by force an established government or ruling authority. To resist or defy an authority or a generally accepted convention Male Redneck Names
Rhiann Variation on Rhiannon. Variants include Breanna, Breannona, Rhianna. Female Redneck Names
Rhianna Variation on Rhiannon. Variants include Breanna, Breannona, Rhiann. Female Redneck Names
Rhiannon Welsh, "a mythological nymph". Female Redneck Names
Ricky Unknown origin. Both Redneck Names
Robbie Robbie conveys two very different images: a cute little boy, or a tall, charismatic gang leader or redneck! Famous people with this name include actor Robby (Tough Cookies) Benson, race car driver Robby Gordon, musicians Robby (The Doors) Krieger and Robbie Robertson. Male Redneck Names
Rocky American origin, meaning "from the rocks". Male Redneck Names
Roscoe Old Norse for "from the deer forest". Male Podunk Names
Rowan Gaelic, Old English, "red-haired, rugged". Male Redneck Names
Roxxy Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Roxxy-Lynn Unknown origin, presumably a variant of "Roxxy". Lynn is from Anglo-Saxon origin, "a cascade". Female Redneck Names
Roy Old French, Gaelic, "regal one, red". Male Redneck Names
Rubyjane Unknown origin. Female Redneck Names
Rufus From the Latin, meaning "red-haired one". Male Podunk Names


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