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Name Meaning Gender Origin
Cambria Latin, "from Wales". Female Redneck Names
Candy American, "bright, sweet". Female Redneck Names
Carson Swedish, "son of Carr". Male Redneck Names
Casey Celtic, Gaelic for "brave, watchful". Male Redneck Names
Chandler From the French, "candle maker". Male Redneck Names
Chardonnay Popular name of unknown American origin, presumably referring to the Chardonnay variety of grape used to make white wine? Female Redneck Names
Charity From the Latin, "affection, charity, brotherly love". Female Redneck Names
Charles Ray Charles means Man. Ray means Conselor and protector Male Redneck Names
Charlton English for "house where Charles lives". Male Redneck Names
Chastity Latin, "purity". Female Redneck Names
Cherry American, "cherry fruit". Female Redneck Names
Chester Latin for "camp". Male Redneck Names
Clarice Bright Male Redneck Names
Claudette Female form of "Claud". For another variation, see "Claudine". Female Podunk Names
Claudine Female form of "Claud". For another variation, see "Claudette". Female Podunk Names
Cleavon Cliff Male Podunk Names
Cleon Famous Male Podunk Names
Cletus American origin. Made famous by the character on "The Simpsons". Male Podunk Names
Clifton Town near a cliff Male Podunk Names
Clint Town near a hill Male Redneck Names
Clyde Welsh origin: "heard from afar". Male Redneck Names
Cody Celtic, Old English, origin, meaning "assistant, a cushion, possessions". Male Redneck Names
Cooper From the Latin for a "cask or barrel maker". Male Redneck Names
Cooter Unknown definition Male Podunk Names
Coy Forest Male Podunk Names

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